Handbag & Purse
Handle, clasp, frame, and hook hardware supply & accessory
For handbag & purse manufacturer and designer.
Stylish Beaded Handle Series.
Beaded plastic and wooden handbag handles with easy to install handbag hooks. These stylish, colorful handbag handles are one of the most flexible and easy to design series. If you need something creative then just change to different color and shape of beads to create your own fashion style of purses, backpacks, wallets and handbags for lady or women. We will keep hunting for new beads made of wood, plastic, metal, bamboo etc.. Just call our sales department for more info about the beads available now.

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Beaded Wood HH-6006 Beaded Wood HH-6018 Handbag Round Hook Handbag Square Hook
Beaded wood handbag handle hh6006 wooden handbag handle with beads hh6018 handbag and purse round hook handbag & purse hooks


HH-P462B HH-P462G HH-P462Y HH-P470B
Beaded handbag & purse handle hh-p462b Beaded handbag & purse handle hh-p462g Beaded handbag & purse handle hh-p462y Beaded handbag & purse handle hh-p470b


HH-P70GY HH-P470P HH-P471GY HH-P471P
handbag & purse handle with beads hh-p470gy handbag & purse handle with beads hh-p470p handbag & purse handle with beads hh-p471gy handbag & purse handle with beads hh-p471p

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